TICF-CA - Tubular Inline Centrifugal Belt Drive


Air Volume: 300 - 3800 CFM
Maximum SP: 2.25" wg. standard air density

The Model Tubular Inline Centrifugal Fan is specifically designed for cost effective, reliable air movement for non-grease rated applications. The model is recommended for Type II hood applications and dishwasher applications.

  • Housing is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum, continuously welded
  • Companion rings for ease of installation
  • Steel Shaft
  • Straight Through Air Flow
  • Wheels are backward inclined, non-overloading
  • Wheels statically and dynamically balanced
  • Variable pitch motor allows for field adjustment and system balancing
  • Bolted access door for wheel cleaning
  • Belt tubes and guards
  • Extended lube lines
  • 3/4" drain

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